My day in Knowmad society (or what it may look like)

I’ve heard John Moravec talk about Knowmad Society and recently saw the lanuch of the book (online).
The thing that’s always get my mind busy is this question: what would a (work)day look like in Knowmad Society?
Well, this is my version (please note that all names of persons are fictional):

Bzzzz, bzzz. Ah, even in Knowmad Society the day starts with the annoying sound of my alarm clock buzzing away. That’s the penalty you pay if you can’t wake up using the radio function. First get up and shower, then eat some breakfast. During breakfast I’m reading the news on my tablet. I also see I have a couple of messages. No time for that now, have to go. I’ll answer the questions in my car. Just putting some stuff in my bag (laptop, tablet, that’s it) and off we go. Because my phone is linked to my car through wifi, the messages pop up on the screen in my car. Three students have questions about some of the assignments, so let’s start answering some. You’ve got to love the excellent voice controlled computers these days. Answering the questions are easy, basically because the students are working on their on projects and only need the teacher for some counseling and advice. ‘Schedule’ I voicecommand my car. It starts reading out my schedule. Nice one today. First 2 presentations from students, after that a meeting in Brussels, then returning home for dinner with the family and capping of the day by visiting a movie made by students.

I arrive at my destination, which is the school I work. Yet, it’s not the same school I started working a long time ago. It’s open 24/7 and it’s full of energetic people working on there futures. The kids are true entrepreneurs, starting at elementary school which spends much of it’s time on keeping creativity alive. As a result, kids learn in a different pace. The presentations I’m going to see are a great example. The first is about mini windmills you can put on the roof of your house and generate enough electricity to power a room. Great idea, especially I you consider that it’s two creators differ 6 years. Just brought together by a great idea. The second presentation is about a girl who’s just started an online business. She designs clothes and already has 500+ customers. She’s 13. Watching the presentations is just great. Well prepared and highly motivated people.

Lunch break. Logging in to watch a speech by Jeffrey Drumming. Nice to be inspired. Phone rings. A school in Japan. The have a student who wants to learn about water management. Maybe I know someone who can offer her an internship? Sure, I’ll ask around. Time to go to the train station. Will be traveling by highspeed train today. Heh, look at that, Andrea will also be a passenger on the train. My phone tells me she doesn’t have a appointment yet. I’ll send an invitation. She’s a game designer. A pleasant 1,5 hour go by quickly. Just worked on a new game for students in the train with someone I didn’t even know would be there.

The meeting in Brussels is about politics. Not exactly inspiring one might think. Yet the politician I’m going to meet is 83 years old and wants to spread his knowledge. He’s giving me the opportunity to recommend a student with ambitions toward politics he can teach. Just great!

Heading back home. Answering some messages. Playing a video game. Get a good workout in the on board gym. At home in time for dinner. Hearing a lot of great stories.

Evening. Sitting back, relax and enjoying the show. Awesome movie, made by 40 students. Funded by the school. School gets 50% of the profit, which it then uses to fund new projects. The movie is so great, nobody touches their phone for 2 hours!

Going to bed. And yes, tomorrow again begins with bzzz, bzzz.


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Teacher in social studies at Stad en Esch, involved in a lot of things. Other likes: Apple, education, innovation, thecrowdNL, flipping the class, MOOC

2 responses to “My day in Knowmad society (or what it may look like)”

  1. fransdroog says :

    Hi Stefan,
    Sounds like you had a great day in Knowmad society. Can’t wait for it to become reality! I would love it if some of the kids would also turn out to have an interest in organizing great, healthy food for themselves and their teachers 🙂

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